Area of Concentration: History Teaching


Research lines:

Historical Languages ​​and Narratives: Production and Diffusion

Develops studies on the issue of language and historical narrative, considering different types of media, such as books, films, television programs, Internet sites, maps, photographs, etc. From the problematization of the use of language, the objective is to produce materials intended for educational use, also considering the possibilities of scientific diffusion of History.


Research lines:

Historical Knowledge in Different Memory Spaces

It includes research applied to school practices mediated by different languages ​​and their relationship with the schooling process. It covers studies on social, cultural, economic and political factors, determinants of the teaching-learning process associated with historical knowledge.


Research line:

Historical Knowledge in the School Space

Develops research on the teaching and learning process of History, considering the specificities of the knowledge and practices mobilized at school. The focus is on the training conditions of the student and the teacher and the exercise of history teaching at school, designed as a place for the production and transmission of content, which meets the forms of organization and classification of historical knowledge through the curriculum. The latter is understood as historically constituted knowledge, a form of social and disciplinary regulation.